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About Hold’em Tournaments

A large number of players participate in tournaments, playing simultaneously with the same amount of chips.
There are two tournament formats: Sit and Go and Multi Tournament (MTT).
In Sit and Go format, players compete for the pot on one table (up to 10 players).
In Multi Tournament format, players play simultaneously on two or more tables. Players who lose out of the game are replaced by players from other tables, and the final winner is determined at the last remaining table.
Players who lose all their chips drop out of the tournament, and tournament ranking is determined by the order in which players drop out.
The size of the blind increases as the tournament progresses. Once one player (or a designated number of players) holds all of the chips available, the tournament ends.
At the end of the tournament, prize money is awarded according to ranking.

Tournament Terms

Tournament Terms
Guaranteed The amount of award money paid out by the tournament is guaranteed. Unlike ordinary tournaments, players are guaranteed a certain amount of prize money, and depending on the number of participants, may also win extra prize money.
Free Roll Games in which players can participate without a buy-in amount. Prize money is guaranteed by the tournament.
Buy-in (+ Entry Fee) A participation fee and commission paid to participate in an ordinary game
Ticket A format in which the cash used for buy-ins is replaced by a ticket

Tournament Type


    A typical, ordinary tournament


    A tournament in which the level is raised faster than in a regular tournament


    A tournament in which the level is raised even faster than in a turbo tournament


    In this format, a bounty is placed on all players participating. Players who defeat another player and knock them out of the tournament are rewarded the amount placed on their opponent. Amounts are paid out independently from ranking-based prize money

    • - A certain percentage of buy-in is allocated to prize money / bounties
    • - Total bounty / number of game participants = individual bounty size

    A tournament in which the prize is a ticket into a higher-level tournament

    • - APL Poker offers event tickets and gold tickets